Do’s and Don’t’s of Camo Print

Camouflage print: flashback to the early 2000’s much?! Everyone remembers those Camo print, frilled mini skirts that came in different colours such as blue, pink and the original khaki (oh yeah, and the Camo caps to match). 

Well, one of 2017’s hottest style icons Kylie Jenner has brought Camo print back in fashion with absolute fire, so it only makes sense that we show you how to rock this statement print right, especially now that its hot again. We’ve even picked out some pieces from our latest MESHKI LUXICS collection to make it easier for you! Suss our DO’s and DON’T’s recommendations below.


…Style an oversized camo print tee as a dress. Look how well Kylie does it!


The Jayla Oversized T-Shirt Dress from our latest collection would look amazing alongside thigh high boots and a waist belt for shape. You could even try styling with our new Jaden Leather Lace Up Corset to complete the look.

Our reaction:



…Go for the Avril Lavigne circa 2000’s vibe. I mean sure it was cool back in the day, but let’s just leave that look right there… in the past. Plus, her pants look like they’re about to fall down any second… surely that’s not a feasible choice of pants.


Our reaction:

tenor (1)


…Rock the camo pant with a cute crop or shirt. We love this look as a casual, daytime outfit, whether hitting the shops with friends or heading out to grab some lunch. Rhianna‘s worn the camo pant with a matching cap and is pulling it off absolutely effortlessly.


Complete this look with our new Kenny Camo Joggers which feature a comfortable drawstring waist and stretch fabric.

Our reaction:



…Take it too far like Paris Hilton tends to. Just, don’t. I mean yes, the second photo is a Halloween costume, but what was your excuse for the first photo, Paris?! This Camo-on-Camo-on-Camo combo hurts our eyes.


Our reaction:



…Make the Camo jacket your go-to throw-on for a day out. You can’t go wrong with a Camo jacket over a T-shirt and jeans with a pair of sneakers; it’s the ultimate comfort with a little sassy style. You could even wear it with simple heels if you’re heading out at night, just as Tyra Banks has done below.



Our Tanaya Camo Parka Jacket is the perfect choice.

Our reaction:

tenor (2)

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