Lovely in Latex: The Liquid Edit


A little naughty but totally nice, the liquid leather look is sexy, seductive and instantly eye-catching… we simply can’t get enough of it.

If we could pinpoint the moment we fell in love with latex, it would be a night from earlier in the year when we were among the audience of fashion-lovers at Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF). Patiently waiting for the Oyster Magazine runway to start, we spotted a beacon of shiny pink from the corner of the room gliding towards the front row; that beacon of pink was fashion blogger Micah Gianneli entering glamorously and effortlessly in a shiny, liquid latex get-up. Her hot pink dress was the most statement outfit in the room and definitely one of the most adorning. Seeing latex look that good in the flesh and not just in photos of Kim K from the internet, we decided we just had to have something latex in our wardrobe from that moment on.


The newly launched MESHKI collection, LUXICS, boasts latex in the form of mini dresses, skirt, crops and sets, offering shades of nude, pale pink, black and even a statement fire-engine red.

Saskia Strapless Latex Dress

The Saskia Strapless Latex Dress comes in Nude, Black and Red, and is one of our favourites styles at the moment. Considering the dress is a simple, strapless mini with no particular fancy detail, the latex helps to amp up this particular cut without it being overbearing. We’ve seen Kim, Kylie and even Bella all flaunt something similar, so you know it’s a trendy look.

Bella, Kim & Kylie

Everly Latex Crop Top | Harper Latex Pencil Midi Skirt

Textures are what make fashion interesting and the liquid appearance of latex sees no different. Light reflects off of its surface, enhancing your ‘lady lumps’ and giving you an instantly alluring, voluptuous figure. Pair latex items with other standout textures such as fur or velvet if you really want to get creative. Below we’ve styled the Everly Latex Crop Top and Harper Latex Pencil Midi Skirt, both in nude, with the brand new Arabella Faux Fur Jacket in White (also from the LUXICS collection).

Everly Latex Crop Top and Harper Latex Pencil Midi Skirt, both in nude, with the brand new Arabella Faux Fur Jacket in White.

Oh, and seeing as many of you were probably thinking this just now now NO, latex is NOT restricted to BDSM wear or a kinky bedroom session, as has been successfully demonstrated above. Don’t get us wrong though, we’re sure it does justice in that kind of environment, too!

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