Jet Set Europe

At Meshki, we are all a little bit euro obsessed (who isnt!), perennially chasing the sun wherever we go. These are our top 5 destinations for the European summer that we are daydreaming endlessly of alongside the outfits we will be packing to sport create some serious insta envy worthy locations!

1 | Santorini

White buildings that dot the cliff edges, cascading unevenly in tiers down to meet the sea: this has become the unofficial symbol of postcard perfect Santorini. The perfect place to indulge in the finer things, sip a glass of wine at your luxe all white cave house and watch the world famous sunsets with your bestie by your side.


What to pack: Adara Mini Dress as seen on our Queen Kylie

IMG_20170510_164202_009.jpgGet her exact dress right here!


2 | Positano

Beaches dotted with perfectly aligned rows of umbrellas, gelato and that Mediterranean sunshine. The perfect place to lay beachside and get salt in your hair. head to a cliff side restaurant with incredible views of the rooftops of Positano and indulge in that mouth watering Italian food we love to enjoy. La Dolce Vita!


What to pack: Rust palazzo pants

Get Jhene Aiko’s exact pants here and bandeau here!


3 | Paris

The city of love, wake up to views over the French capital, and slowly make your way down to grab a freshly baked croissant. Then, stroll casually down the Champs-élysées, having a macaron or 5 along the way. Pop out some bubbles and have an impromptu picnic on the lawns of the Eiffel tower and soak in the ambience of this one of a kind city.


What to pack:  Take Me to Cannes Dress

Screen Shot 2017-05-10 at 5.06.32 pm.png
Get the Take Me To Cannes Dress here!


4 |Barcelona

The most play centric city, Barcelona promises sunny skies, lazy beach days, freshly squeezed juices at La Boqueria and parties that go from night to day.


What to pack: Easton Top X Claudette Shorts to keep you stylish & comfy

Get the Easton Top here & the Claudette Satin Shorts here!


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